Journey To Eight!

i am 31 years old. i am a nurse anesthetist. i am expecting my first baby with my husband who is the absolute love of my life. this is my little blog. here you will find stories of my pregnancy, day to day, anesthesia, crossfit, love, food, health and lots of little things in between!

1 year ago this morning:

- my bridesmaids and I had the WHOLE nail salon to ourselves as they opened up early JUST for us! we had a BLAST! they were sure to stock up on my favorite treats, donuts (!!!) and bellinis! we had a running joke most of my engagement that the day before the wedding i wanted DONUTS since i hadn’t eaten any donuts for a year prior.

- after we got our nails done we got everything wrapped up and headed over to get settled into our bridal suite at the hotel. we got married in Troy, NY which is about 25 minutes from where my parents live so we wanted to get there and unpack and start getting ready for the rehearsal dinner!

- i just remember being so happy and excited. so happy that i had all my favorite girls surrounding me, and i just felt so loved. everyone just treated me like a celebrity. like a princess. like a queen. there was an incredible amount of excitement in the air. everyone was arriving into town one by one (the wedding was 4 hours from NJ where Joe and I and his family live). 

- it was COLD. we had soooo many things we had to get over to the wedding venue (which luckily was RIGHT across the street) so we stole a luggage carrier, loaded it up, and dragged it across to the venue!

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